Diversity D can provide you with everything necessary for a drip irrgation system, including an assortment of drip tape, filters, pumps, pipe and fittings, all the way to complete systems. We will work with you to design your system and coordinate installation. Click here to fill out an online form, or contact us today for more information.


System Components

  • Thinwall Dripline
  • Heavywall Dripline
  • Polyethylene Tubing
  • On-line Drippers
  • Filters
  • Valves
  • Air Vents / Check Valves / Pressure Regulators
  • Water Meters
  • Crop Management Technologies
  • Automated Systems

Additional Products

Drip Irrigation

We specialize in servicing all brands of new and existing drip irrigation systems to keep your operation running smoothly. Contact us today to request service on a system.

Other Irrigation: We service all makes and models of center pivots, traveling sprinklers, solid set irrigation and flexible irrigation.



  • Complete Drip System installation
  • Winterization
  • System start up
  • Acidizing to maintain drippers
  • Custom lightening protection for any system
  • Custom built pH monitoring systems for salinity control
  • Chemical/fertilizer injection systems
  • Repairs or upgrades to competitors systems
  • Underground electrical shorts on any size wire
  • Underground mainline pipe leak repairs
  • Dripline leak repairs
  • Variable speed drives to maximize energy efficiency
  • Remote drip system monitoring
  • Moisture probes and monitoring
  • Rodent control solutions





DriplineHeavywall Dripline










Single Chamber Tank

Disc Kleen FiltersHydrocyclone and Sedimentation Tank

Screen Filter


Air Vents, Valves and Pressure Regulators


Valve ControllerValveAir VentAir Vent with ShraderRegulator


Water Meters


Octave Water Meter











Irrigation ControllersBic 1000 Controller